Thursday, July 31, 2008

Burn baby burn

Well, that wasn't long.... After a good dozen tries of the DLC "Burn" by Nine Inch Nails, I finally succeded. I will talk about the difficult part here.

In practice mode I tried to find a simplified pattern that would give me a good percentage of notes. I found one pattern that got me a 60% success rate and decided to try it out:
-Hit the red notes at half pace
-Hit all foot pedals
-Hit all yellow notes

....Not good enough. The meter was going down just too fast in the first "difficult pattern (break 1?)" and I wanted to keep my overdrive as an arm relaxant for the outro. :)

Then I decided to stop chickening out and work those arms. I tried a few holding positions until I found one that could keep my meter constant!

I was holding the drumstick at the middle VERY lightly with my thumb on top. The bounce between the pad and the thumb was so good I was able to keep up. Of course timing the bass pedal is crucial and almost every one should be hit.

FYI, if you save your overdrive for the outro, it is safe to use it on the third overdrive section (it will take you out of the insane part).

I wonder if I will ever reproduce this success? :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First with 58 FCs

Congratulations to singer Billtvshow on being the first person to have FCs on all 58 Rock Band 1 songs (for any instrument)! See this link.

Run to the Hills

I just thought I'd take the opportunity and post that I recently finished Run to the Hills on Expert Drums. OK... Its still at 3 stars but It still feels good :)

Maybe now we can tackle the endless setlist? Maybe when we have reached the top 6

First Post

This is to commemorate the day our band broke through the top 10 on the PSN leaderboards.

Yesterday's session was great, 4 hours of play to gain 7 million points, allowing us to move from 15th place to 9th place.

Now, another 2 million points will move us to 6th place but going higher will require more effort as 5th place is approximately 9.5 million points away.

Rock on Macas!