Friday, March 20, 2009

Rock Band Competition - Finals

Today was the finals of the Place d'Orléans Rock Band Challenge, organized by Hot 89.9! You can see our first day results here.

We were up against 3 other bands:

Monday winners "X-Aldin":
Tuesday winners "JATTM" (Jesus and the Thunderstorm Monsters):
Thursday winners "Loonie Crush":
In a round robin style first round, we faced off against each band by playing a Tier 6 Expert song. The 2 bands with the most wins would move on to the final round to play a Tier 7 song.

1st Round 1/6: "X-Aldin" vs. "JATTM" (Let There Be Rock):
In a very close duel, "JATTM" gets 21K more than "X-Aldin", with the "JATTM" guitarist "Paden" getting 98% of the notes, 6% more than the "X-Aldin" guitarist. It gets pretty suspenseful at the end as "JATTM" needed to get the "Big Rock Ending" to win this round.
Stats (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar):
"X-Aldin": 1,595K (99 99 94 92)
"JATTM": 1,616K (98 99 85 98)

1st Round 2/6: "3 Macas and a Reject" vs. "Loonie Crush" (Everlong):
Our first matchup was against "Loonie Crush", a talented group with a very precise drummer. His skills are the key to their victory as he gets 98% versus 82% for Phoenix, with all other instruments tied at 99% or 100% (DMan). Phoenix points out that he would be closer to the high percentages for pretty much any other song.
Stats (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar):
"3 Macas and a Reject": 1,109K (99 82 100 99)
"Loonie Crush": 1,483K (99 98 100 99)

1st Round 3/6: "X-Aldin" vs. "3 Macas and a Reject" (Spoonman):
Stats (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar):
Our second match was against "X-Aldin". DMan and Raikan get higher percentages plus we follow a good path, leading to our first victory of the day.
"X-Aldin": 864K (97 99 93 93)
"3 Macas and a Reject": 1,043K (98 99 94 93)

1st Round 4/6: "JATTM" vs. "Loonie Crush" (Carry on Wayward Son):
In another close match, "Loonie Crush" wins by less than 100K, with the key being their performance on guitar and bass.
Stats (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar):
"JATTM": 1,065K (95 99 95 94)
"Loonie Crush": 1,134K (98 100 95 98)

1st Round 5/6: "Loonie Crush" vs. "X-Aldin" (Aqualung):
X-Aldin needs a win to stay in the competition, having lost their first two matches. They make a valiant effort, but eventually coming about 100K short of triple round 1 winners "Loonie Crush". Once again, the difference was in the skills of the "Loonie Crush" guitarist. "X-Aldin" goes home with the remainder of the 5$ gift certificates (100$?)
Stats (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar):
"Loonie Crush": 1,867K (98 98 99 99)
"X-Aldin": 1,764K (99 98 98 96)

1st Round 6/6: "3 Macas and a Reject" vs. "JATTM" (Down with the Sickness):
With the 1st place and 4th place round robin winners already determined, the stakes increase as this final 1st round match would determine who goes to the final round. A great performance by everyone and a good path seals the deal as we beat "JATTM" by about 100K. DMan and Raikan both get FCs! A 3rd place finish by "JATTM" rewards them with a worthy 200$.
Stats (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar):
"3 Macas and a Reject": 2,195K (100 99 100 99)
"JATTM": 2,073K ( 98 99 98 99)

Final Round: "Loonie Crush" vs. "3 Macas and a Reject" (Ramblin' Man):
Having won the round robin, "Loonie Crush" gets to choose the song and they pick "Ramblin' Man". We win the coin toss this time and get to pick who gets to play first. Naturally, we choose to go second. "Loonie Crush" has a great performance, which we fail to match by about 140K. Except for DMan who gets his 3rd FC of the day, we all miss in at least one key area where we don't usually miss (nerves? calibration?). We would love to have this one back, but getting to the final round and pocketing a neat 400$ is a great way to finish the competition!
Stats (Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitar):
"Loonie Crush": 2,174K (99 99 99 99)
"3 Macas and a Reject": 2,036K (99 99 100 97)

This was a great setting for our very first competition! A big thanks to all who helped organize it and to everyone who were there to support us. Congrats to "Loonie Crush" for their well-earned victory! Every band did great and we hope to see you all at the next Rock Band competition!

Photos (courtesy of Sylvie):

Start of song:Here we go:
Phoenix and Bongoo:
Raikan and DMan:
Other angle:
End of song:
Announcing the results:
The finalists:
Phoenix rides the bus:
DMan wants to join:
The pathmaster:
Phoenix and Sylvie:
DMan the Spoonman:
Bongoo reflects on a great competition:


DMan3021 said...

I was being a spoonman in that before last pic!

Also, congrats to everyone who made it to the final day, and to our worthy adversaries and first place winners, Loonie Crush.

DMan3021 said...

On the off chance that I may be shooting myself in the foot:

They will be in Ottawa on March 30th, 31st and April 1st.

Rules can be found here:

Phoenix5096 said...

my Rockband 2 career is officially launched :)

Bongoo said...

Interesting, perhaps another live Macas performance!

Raikan said...

Hrmmm... can't they make auditions on weekends... Sheesh!