Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bring on 2011!

Last month we had 3 sessions, which allowed us to complete the game's "Road Challenges and finish the year in style.

Going into 2011 we can finally say we're an all-Pro band (even Pro Bass), as I just received my Pro Guitar (Mustang). Even though it was pre-ordered, it took more than 2 months to arrive...

In order to learn Pro Guitar and Pro Bass faster, we'll now play in "All Instrument" mode, using 2 Pro guitars. The downside is that Harmonies won't count in the score, but we'll still sing at the same time to practice. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next Rock Band game.

- blingdomepiece's "Oh My God" singing was epic!
- The funniest wah-wah bass moment was during "No One Knows"
- We got some of our first FCs in RB3 on harmonies
- Some of our Expert Pro Guitar percentages were extremely low, but we were still in the top 100 scores for that instrument (ex: 8% of notes and 59th overall for "Hold On Loosely")
- Chrissy was sick for most of the month so she couldn't join us on harmonies
- We got an amazing 1.5 stars for "Llama"...
- The beers of the month were "Harviestoun Ola Dabh Special 30 Reserve", "Maredsous Brune", "Route des Épices" (Dieu du Ciel) and "Corne du Diable" (Dieu du Ciel)